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Address:Tradition Bank, 5020 Montrose Blvd

A Night of Celebration

It's always been a dream of Dr. Randy Mitchmore’s to write a book and spread the "LifeSmiles Way" to both dentists and dental patients alike. Well now that dream is about to come to fruition as his book "The Gift of a Life Smile" is nearing its release date...

Come and help Dr. Mitchmore celebrate the release of his very first full length book at the Uno De Mayo book launch party!

So much entertainment and fun will be had!

Not only will this be a hoot, all proceeds will benefit Dr. Mitchmore’s favorite charity

Give Back A Smile!

So make sure you join us for the festivities on May 1st, 2014 at Tradition Bank from 6-9 PM!

If you’d like to volunteer and assist with the party please email

Everybody loves to smile. But for people who suffer from the lingering effects of domestic violence, it can feel both physically and emotionally impossible. Bruises fade and broken bones can heal, but when your teeth are broken or your mouth hurt by someone you love, it can feel like you’ll never smile again.

That’s when Give Back a Smile and dentists like Dr. Randy R. Mitchmore step in.

“It is amazing just how far restoring a broken smile can go to restore an abused person’s strength, confidence and hope,” said Houston Museum District’s celebrated cosmetic and restorative dentist and AACD Charitable Foundation Board of Trustee Chair, Dr. Mitchmore in a recent interview. “I see it all the time. And it is exactly why Give Back a Smile’s motto is ‘Restore a life; restore a smile.”

In his capacity as both chair of the Charitable Foundation Board of Trustees, and as a volunteering dentist, Dr. Mitchmore has raised many thousands of dollars, spent countless hours promoting awareness of this cause and personally repaired numerous smiles at LifeSmiles, his beautiful Houston office.

$25 Donation to
Give Back a Smile

Event Entry &
Dr. Mitchmore’s
New Book
May 1st 6pm-9pm

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